All the news of iOS 14 Beta 2

Apple just released the second beta of iOS 14, and has added some new features that are worth highlighting. Some small aesthetic changes, improvements to the widgets and new functions that we show you below.

  • Manzana has changed the calendar icon, which now shows the abbreviated day. It has also slightly modified the icon of the clock application, with the thickest hands.
  • In the Music app, you can now disable animated covers or put them only when we are with a connected WiFi network. Also now we will notice a vibration when pressing the play buttons in the app. System updates will not install if you are playing music on your device.

  • In the app widget Reminders, when we choose the small size tasks appear, not only the number of reminders
  • New icons inside Settings-Phone
  • It appears in the control center which app last used the microphone or camera. In addition, the buttons of the HomeKit accessories have been retouched.

  • New widget for Files app, medium and large size, showing recently used files
  • If you have the HomePod Beta, you can select other default music services apart from Apple Music.

In addition to all these changes, a good number of bug fixes must be included. Let’s remember that we are still in the second Beta of a new version of iOS and that there are still many issues to solve. If we found any other news worth mentioningWe will include it in this article.

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