All the tricks to customize the home screen in iOS 14

iOS 14 It has been accompanied by a lot of news, however, it seems that by far the leading role has been stolen by the home screen, precisely one of the sections of iOS that has changed the least over the years. Now it has received by far the greatest innovation in its entire history.

The ability to add Widgets, remove application pages and much more. All of this is here to stay, but we certainly know it can get a little tricky to master so many new things in such a short time. Don’t worry, we bring you a video guide on how to master the iOS 14 home screen and teach you how to take advantage of all its tricks.

This is about much more than Widgets, first of all we must master where the novelties and the rest of the functionalities are located:

  • On the left: The old one widget list as we knew them until now
  • In the center: Homepage (Springboard) application.
  • On the right: We find the application folder system recommended by Artificial Intelligence as well as the Applications Library.

As for the main page, we will be able to add new 2 × 2 or 4 × 4 widgets in a simple way, but We will also be able to make adjustments such as creating a single page, hiding pages and deleting these same pages. Of applications.

On the other hand, in the settings section, new functionalities have now been added,Within the “Home Screen” section we will be able to choose where we want the new applications to be stored, although they will be added to the home screen or go directly to the application library, as well as choosing whether we want to see notification balloons in the library.

Finally the section of “Reset” will now allow us to do the same with the home screen.

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