All Twitch tricks for Android

Streaming is here to stay and has been integrated into our daily routine more than we can think. We have Netflix, Spotify or YouTube as the main representatives, although the list of options is comparable to that of the Gothic kings.

If we put the focus on a specific area, gaming, we have Twitch as the banner above the rest. Yes, there was Youtube Gaming or Mixer, although really the only alternative today is Facebook Gaming. So we are going to focus on the Twitch application and the options it makes available to us.

Twitch cheats on Android

Twitch cheats on Android

We are facing an application somewhat unknown to many, which nevertheless it has really interesting options. Options that we would like to see on more than one platform, Youtube ahem, that add great value to the experience of using it.

Therefore, we have decided to do a little compilation of those little details that position the Twitch application as one of the best of its kind. If you are a regular at video game streaming, you may already know them, otherwise you have a golden opportunity to discover it.

1. Floating window

At first we can think that this is a feature that is implemented in all players, however not all do it the same way as Twitch. Since this gives us to continue enjoying content, in a very natural way.

Floating window

For this, we just have to have streaming to full screen and press the button or perform the Home gesture on our device. In seconds we will see how a floating window appears, which we can move as we wish, with our streaming playing.

2. Audio only mode

Sometimes we just want to listen to the streaming, so we have plenty of what is video playback. Thinking about it, when playing a streaming, if we enter the playback options we can activate the Audio Only mode.

Audio Only mode allows us to listen to streaming in the background

From the moment we activate this option, the streaming video will disappear and we can use our device while listening to the audio of the same. A great option for those who are addicted to multitasking and don’t want to give up on anything.

3. Playback quality options

This is something common to almost all streaming applications, by default the quality is configured in automatic mode, so depending on our connection we will have better or worse quality. However, sometimes the automatic mode does not do its job completely, so we must manually select quality level.

Playback quality options

To do this, we will enter the reproduction options and in the list that will appear we must select the quality level wanted. Normally the recommended level is the one indicated as Source, which indicates that it is the same image quality as the original video.

4. Start a live

So far we have seen interesting options when it comes to playback but What if we want to stream? For this we must click on our user profile and we will see a button that indicates if we want to start a live show.

Start a live

This will allow us relay the video from the camera from our smartphone, if what we want is to stream a mobile game we will need an auxiliary application how can it be streamlabs. And we will be ready to stream to the world.




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