almost 40% discount

The Movistar Prosegur Alarmas service has a price that starts from 45 euros per month until 2021. In addition, clients who have a Merger rate, may contract it for 5 euros less for six months. The service does not have any permanence, so we can cancel it whenever we want.

Offer when acquiring a Galaxy S20 at Movistar Prosegur Alarms

Along with this promotional price, we can also get the service with 17.45 euros discount during the first 6 months, staying at 27.55 euros per month during that period. To benefit from this discount it is only necessary to be Movistar Fusion client, register in Movistar Prosegur Alarmas, and buy any mobile from the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, including the normal S20, the S20 + and the S20 Ultra 5G. The offer is available until August 9.

It has three different kits depending on the home

The home alarm service includes all equipment, installation and maintenance included. In addition, they also offer the Acuda Vigilante Service for six months free, where they come with the keys to your home to check that everything is going well, as well as to open the door if you have forgotten the keys inside or have lost them.

The price of 45 euros is for the Floor Kit, the cheapest of all. This kit includes:

  • 1 Communication panel
  • 1 outdoor siren
  • License plate
  • 1 keyboard
  • 1 UPS
  • 5 smart keys
  • 2 Detectors with camera
  • 1 auto switch
  • 1 Mobile camera

Movistar has also launched two other packs called Attic / Low Kit and Chalet Kit. The first, in addition to what the Floor Kit offers, includes a detector without a camera and a smoke detector, with a price that happens to be 49 euros per month. In the case of the Chalet Kit, the detector without a camera and the smoke detector are also added, along with an extra camera detector. Its price is 52 euros per month. The protection has an anti-intrusion, anti-sabotage and anti-inhibition alarm, also having specialized technicians available at all times who will notify you if the alarm is triggered in less than half a minute and will notify the Police if necessary.

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