Almost everyone needs it and saves money

If you are looking, you will find useful tools from the world of technology in Amazon’s vast range of products. So this time too, because almost everyone should need the following product and it also saves a lot of money.


Not only those who have children in the house know the problem: the refrigerator door opens quickly, but often it stays that way. Means: Increased power consumption and incorrectly cooled food. Money is thrown out the window unnecessarily. Modern refrigerators already have a corresponding alarm if the door is open too long, but the majority of older devices in this country still have to do without it.

Open fridge? The solution is available at Amazon

The door alarm from VisorTech promises a remedy, because this useful function can be retrofitted cost-effectively. The set costs a little more than 12 euros and consists of two components that can be easily attached using a magnet or adhesive pad. When the door is closed, the alarm remains silent, the door opens, the contact is interrupted and a warning melody sounds after either 15 or 30 seconds if the door is not closed again by then. If you need a little longer to load the refrigerator – for example after a big purchase – you can of course pause the alarm function.

If you want to know exactly, you should take a closer look at the Pearl product presentation on YouTube:

Sounds practical and it probably is, after all, the door alarm from VisorTech at Amazon deserves a full 4 out of 5 stars with customers, just over half even award the full 5 stars. Incidentally, the useful gadget is offered by Pearl, the well-known specialist for meaningful and sometimes a bit meaningless device, but shipping is carried out directly by Amazon. However, there is also a double set for just under 17 euros directly from Pearl, but then there is always just under 2 euros in shipping. This does not apply to Amazon direct shipping if you are a Prime customer or if you order for more than 29 euros. Either way, the price should soon be amortized again due to the lower energy costs to be expected in the future.

Soon there will also be Amazon Prime Day again, these tips should be known beforehand:

Don’t forget: the right batteries

Tip: What you should definitely also order are sufficient button cells of the type “LR44”, which are required for the power supply of the two components. Some should be included, but it is better to have them at hand as soon as they are exchanged. By the way, you don’t just have to use the door alarm for the refrigerator, it also makes sense to use it as an alarm system for windows or patio doors, for example.

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