Almost nobody cares about 90% of YouTube

If you thought that achieving success on YouTube was easy, people are not interested in 90% of the content on the platform.

There is no doubt that YouTube is the leading platform for online video sharing. The Google service is visited by millions and millions of people every day and the videos uploaded to this “network” are impossible to count.

Of course, many of you have dreamed of being youtubers, of having thousands and thousands of followers and of earning tons of money uploading videos. But, Do you know that 90% of the videos on YouTube are of no interest to anyone?

People are only interested in 10% of what is uploaded to YouTube

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Many YouTube videos go unnoticed on the platform

As we read in 9to5Google, 90% of the videos that are posted on the platform receive less than 1,000 visits.

What does this mean? Think of YouTube more than 5,000 million visits enter on average every dayHence, it is so surprising that such a number of videos never exceed 1,000 views. This data has been discovered by the analyst firm Pex in 2019.

Although YouTube is the content platform with the highest visibility, going from being a stranger to the range is not easy. The vast majority of videos hosted on YouTube (88.4%) generate less than 1,000 visits.

But this is not the most curious fact on YouTube. Although it may seem like it, video games are not the most popular topic or category on the Google platform. ^^ Music dominates the platform with more views per video than any other category **.

The conclusion? That finding a place on YouTube is not easy even if it seems like it. Obtaining results and visits is not something that is achieved overnight and requires a lot of work and perseverance.

Therefore, if you want to be successful youtubers, we recommend that you listen to our episode of Connecting where we give you keys to be so. Now, remember that the road to success is neither short nor easy!

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