Also on iPhones: Corona warning app does not warn reliably

According to research by the Tagesschau, the Corona warning app from the federal government did not reliably warn users about possible risks on iPhones either. The reason for this are problems with the background update.

Even if the app is not open, it should be able to retrieve data and thus identify the possible contacts with infected people. This function is said to have not worked correctly for weeks.

According to the manufacturer (SAP and Deutsche Telekom), the problems should also be caused by the operating system that the background update is not carried out correctly. A workaround is currently being worked on.

According to the Ministry of Health, users were warned in any case if they opened the app. According to the Tagesschau, users were warned up to 10 days later.

Normally, the data in the app is updated every 24 hours if everything works correctly even if the app is not opened. Since, according to the manufacturer, the error is probably also partly in the operating system of the iPhones, Apple would have to correct it here.

The company had just released iOS 13.6 for general use. The iOS 14 beta does not include Covid 19 contact detection (also in the current Beta 3). So when a fix for the problem comes is still open.

It had previously become known that the app on smartphones with the Android operating system was sometimes not updated in the background.

Via: Tagesschau

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