Amazon deals on Kindle ebooks and Echo speakers with Alexa

Amazon sells all kinds of products, from technology to food, through diapers, clothes, toys, books and a long etcetera. In addition, it has its own design and manufacturing products that have acquired great relevance in the market in recent years. The first great example is the digital book reader or ebook known as Kindle. This model is already in its tenth generation, highlighting its success. Another product that, although it has not been on the market for so long, has achieved significant success is the Echo smart speakers. An Echo Auto has even been launched to have Alexa in the car.

All these devices have their prices fixed, but they are usually part of offers. In fact, almost always we will be able to find a discount to get hold of them, whether it is more or less interesting at the discount level. However, now Amazon You are throwing the house out the window and several of these devices are available at minimal prices. Plus, all backed by Amazon customer service.

Amazon Kindle on sale

These are the models of the famous digital book reader that we can get at a discount:


The latest model comes with integrated dimmable light for reading for hours in and out of the house, both day and night, a 167 dpi screen and high contrast in which it is read as on printed paper, without any reflection, even in sunlight, possibility to underline, search for definitions, translate words or adjust text size, large storage capacity, access to hundreds of books to Prime members and a battery that lasts for weeks.

Kindle Paperwhite

Waterproof version with IPX8 is the lightest and thinnest released to date with 300 dpi screen No glare that reads like printed paper, even in bright sunlight. It has options of 8GB or 32GB of storage, a battery that lasts for weeks and the possibility of regulating the integrated light.

Echo with Alexa on offer

Amazon Echo (3rd generation)

The latest model with new top quality speakers with Dolby technology offering 360 ° audio diffusion, crisp vocals and dynamic bass.

Echo Dot (3rd generation)

If we want the most compact model we have this Echo Dot that has become a best seller. Its design allows us to place it or take it anywhere.

Echo Flex

Nor is it a plan to put a smart speaker in every corner of the house, this Plug smart speaker allows us to give orders to Alexa from anywhere.

Echo Show 5

And if we like to see things, we have this 5.5 ″ compact smart display With Alexa ready to help you with which we can even make calls and video calls to friends and family who have a compatible Echo device or the Alexa app.

Echo Auto

One of the last barriers that Alexa has left to knock down are the cars and this device in a first step to sneak into our vehicles.

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