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Vodafone TV’s multi-device strategy continues. For this, it is necessary to go one step beyond the traditional television decoder to incorporate its application in other and various devices. In addition, the application must offer the same experience or very similar to that of using the traditional decoder. In those is Vodafone right now with the massive expansion of the Vodafone TV app to different devices. Now, touch conquests Amazon Fire TV Stick officially.

Vodafone television is increasingly available on more different types of devices. In this case, it can be accessed from the Windows or Mac computer through, mobile or tablets with iOS and Android, Chromecast using the previous applications or some Smart TV models.

The landing on Smart TV has occurred in waves. At first it came to Smart TV Samsung (from 2017), later joining Sony (from 2015), Philips (from 2018), Xiaomi Mi TV with Android TV and TCL with Android TV since yesterday. Today, we have good news for users of the small Amazon device.

Vodafone TV for Fire TV Stick is now available for download

On the official Vodafone website which explains the devices on which we can see Vodafone TV Multi-device confirmation of his arrival on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, also its 4K version, has appeared in the last few hours. With this incorporation, the list is as follows:

  • On mobile and tablet. Download the Vodafone TV App from the Apple Store (iOS) or from Google Play (Android). Rooted or jailbroken terminals do not work with Vodafone TV.
  • On smart TV. Access the application store of your television model and download the application.
  • On PC and Mac. Enter You don’t need to download the Vodafone TV App.
  • With Amazon Fire TV Stick HD and 4K. Download the Vodafone TV App from the Amazon app store.
  • With Chromecast. Send the Vodafone TV content directly to your television using the Vodafone TV App.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

To watch Vodafone TV on your Fire TV Stick follow these Steps:

  1. Search for the Vodafone TV application in the Amazon application store, and select “Get” to download it.
  2. Once downloaded, the application appears inside the Fire TV Stick, in the Downloaded Apps section of the main menu.
  3. Access the content by opening the application and logging in with the Vodafone TV username and password.

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