Amazon Music Unlimited FREE for 3 months

Free music for the next 3 months.

Amazon Music Unlimited is one of the streaming music services that we like the most, and not only because of the enormous variety of content they have – more than 60 million songs – but also for the proper functioning of the platform, both in its web version and in the application itself.

Now you can get Amazon Music Unlimited free for 3 months thanks to a new promotion that the company is carrying out, and which allows you save the almost 30 euros it would cost you this subscribed period of time. In addition, you have total freedom to unsubscribe when these three months end.

Amazon Music Unlimited bluetooth headphones

Amazon Music Unlimited has over 60 million songs

Three months free of one of the best streaming music services

We have already told you on more than one occasion the virtues that Amazon Music Unlimited has – and more when it is free -, and we have no doubt when we say that the platform can look from you to you to other alternatives better known as Spotify or Apple Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited vs. Spotify vs. Apple music
specs Amazon Music Unlimited Spotify Apple music
Number of songs More than 60 million More than 50 million 60 million
Download songs Yes Yes Yes
Cloud space for user music Yes Not Yes
Content and personalized recommendations Yes Yes Yes
Family plan Yes (14.99 euros per month for 6 users) Yes (14.99 euros per month for 6 users) Yes (14.99 euros per month for 6 users)
Annual payment Yes, 99 euros (saving two monthly payments) Not Not
Music Unlimited Offer 3 months

Amazon Music Unlimited free for 3 months

In addition, it has very interesting aspects, such as to be able to upload songs from your own PC to listen to them if they are not available on the platform from Amazon, which is very interesting if you have a little something more underground.

You can start enjoy this promotion until next July 21, But you should bear in mind that you must be an Amazon Spain user. Requirements that are easy to meet and that will allow you to enjoy one of the best streaming music services totally free for three months, so you will have free music until next July.

This is an offer available at the time of article posting. Discounts may vary depending on stock and store demand.

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