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Amazon Prime Day 2020 date delay

While COVID-19 continues to affect some of the normal operations of both businesses and individuals worldwide, it appears that the next major hit will be Amazon and its long-awaited Prime Day 2020 offer campaign. And it is that, as just announced by a representative of the company: «We will celebrate Prime Day later than usual«.

However, since Prime Day 2019 was celebrated on July 15 and 16 of last yearThis delay seemed already evident.

However, the news comes from the independent reports published by Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, where citations have been found for both of delays from July to August, later until September, and currently with a date without specify.

«Over the past five years, Prime Day has become a special celebration and a time for Prime members to buy amazing deals for themselves and their friends and family, and it’s something we look forward to every year.“The spokesperson shared in a statement to TechCrunch,”This year we will celebrate Prime Day later than usual, while ensuring the safety of our employees and supporting our customers and sales partners. We are excited that Prime members in India will see savings from August 6-7, and that members around the world will experience Prime Day later this year«.

Thus, it does not cease to surprise us that the company has decided to keep this early date for the celebration of Amazon Prime Day 2020 exclusively for India, placing earliest September for the rest of countries around the world.

Will Amazon be able to cover high demand?

In March, Amazon said it was watching an unprecedented lawsuit following COVID-19. He promised to hire additional staff to fill up to 100,000 warehouse-to-warehouse positions and deliveries in the U.S. alone, and eventually ended by temporarily restricting the availability of some items that third-party vendors could store in his warehouses to prioritize the delivery of medical supplies and cleaning.

Looking at a more local level, we have already seen how, in order not to affect the image of its main brand, the Amazon Pantry online supermarket service was no longer available in Spain and other countries of the European Union. A decision that the company itself assured was forced by too high a volume of orders, and the even greater increase in recent months and the new needs that arose during confinement and the early stages of the new normality.

However, the company also has been heavily criticized for its management of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly by employees. And it is that workers in its warehouses in several countries sued the company, accusing it of not following the new public health guidelines.

For its part, Amazon reiterates that all the necessary guidelines have been followed and the relevant inspections have been passed.

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