Amazon pays customers money back: that's behind it

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Amazon is currently sending emails to customers who are likely to generate great interest. Under certain circumstances, some customers can get money back that they previously spent on Amazon. The amount is not quite as high as it turns out.


Amazon Prime: Customers get their money back

The group is currently causing a stir with an email about the Amazon Prime premium offer. Customers who have paid the annual fee for 2020 can look forward to a small repayment. However, Amazon has not revealed how high this will be. After all, the repayment is justified. Due to the fact that VAT has been reduced from 19 to 16 percent by the end of the year, Amazon will transfer the amount saved back to the customer’s account in the next few days.

It is unclear whether Amazon is considering the entire year or only the months of July to December. The VAT reduction applies from July 1st to December 31st. If the entire annual amount is taken into account, then instead of 69 euros “only” 67.26 euros are incurred. The transfer from Amazon to customers would amount to 1.74 euros – or even less if only the second half of the year is actually offset.

Actually, the amount for Amazon Prime should officially be reduced to 68.13 euros if 19 percent VAT is estimated for the first half of the year and 16 percent for the second. Since this has not yet been shown on Amazon’s website, the group will probably leave it with a refund of the VAT. Amazon Prime continues to be advertised at 69 euros.

This is how you can save a lot of money on Amazon Prime Day:

Amazon Prime: Premium shipping and more

Amazon Prime has long been offering more than just faster shipping. The Prime Video streaming service includes films and series, and Prime Music access to a music catalog with over two million titles. There are also other offers, for which an additional fee is required, such as Prime Video Channels and Amazon Music Unlimited.

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