Amazon prepares to launch a podcast platform

Amazon Music

In the last two years, we have seen how Spotify has focused much of its efforts on podcasts, making major acquisitions and reaching deals with America’s top content creators, including the wife of the former President of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Although Amazon is usually a pioneer in many aspects that have allowed it to become a reference in the market such as online sales and smart speakers (to name the services that we all know), this time it seems that it has wanted to wait for see how the Spotify bet evolved before entering podcasts.

According to a confidential email that The Desk has had access to, Amazon will allow users of Amazon Music and Audible to subscribe, download and play podcasts for free. Podcasts will be available, like Spotify, through the free version of Amazon Music. The launch date of this new Amazon bet for podcasts it is not detailed in the email.

Amazon podcast

The Desk states that last Monday Amazon sent the email to which it had access to some podcast producers to be able to offer a wide variety of podcasts for when the service is officially introduced, something necessary to be able to present this new service in society.

Within the terms and conditions that producers must accept to be able to offer their podcasts on the new Amazon podcast platform is that they comments that disparage Amazon should not be included to any of their products.

This new podcast platform will be available on all smart speakers from the company as well as on the Fire Stick TV. The number of users of Amazon Music in its different modalities (paid, free with ads and Prime Music) was 55 million users.

For now, Spotify remains the king of the market for both music and streaming podcasts with almost 300 million subscribers and users of the free version with ads.

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