Amazon Prime Day 2020 postponed to October

Amazon’s popular Prime Day 2020 sales event is postponed to early October. According to a document sent to third-party providers, Amazon’s original plan for a Prime Day in September was canceled and the potential date shifted by a month.

According to the document, Amazon advises third-party resellers to use the October 5 placeholder date for promotional materials related to Prime Day 2020. Amazon warns that the date may change and that there is still no fixed date for the annual sales event. The document reads:

‚ÄúPrime Day is a huge success every year for customers who enjoy some of the best deals of the year. A final date will be announced as soon as we approach the event. We look forward to submissions that give customers the greatest pleasure on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Prime Day! “

This last delay is the third time Amazon has delayed this year’s edition of Prime Day. Although the retail giant did not provide clear reasons for the recent shift, it can be assumed that the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, particularly on Amazon’s sales and logistics network, was taken into account in the decision. Amazon Prime Day 2020 was originally scheduled for its usual midsummer July slot before being moved to August, then September and now October.

As the largest annual sale of Amazon, Prime Day leads to a massive increase in demand for products. The event attracts countless new and old Prime subscribers with a variety of offers and bargains for a wide range of the most popular products on the platform. It seems that Amazon wasn’t confident of being able to source enough items and products to satisfy customers who want to get the most out of the event.

The demand arose from the blocking measures and a huge increase in orders, which Amazon could hardly cope with, which led to delivery delays and bottlenecks in its warehouses. Since then, the operation has slowly crept back to an appearance of normalcy. With the growing number of COVID-19 cases in key markets like the US and elsewhere, and fears of an upcoming second wave, retailers are likely to experience more disruptions. According to Business Insider, the demand for renewed measures to stay at home has already increased in some regions of the USA, which further increases the pressure on the operation of Amazon.

With the postponement of sales to October, Amazon should allow itself some respite to ensure that it is adequately prepared for the order frenzy associated with the event. In addition, a delay enables the company to find out how the situation can develop in the coming weeks and months and to prepare accordingly.

Amazon is unlikely to delay Prime Day 2020 beyond October to avoid a conflict with Black Friday and seasonal Christmas sales. Even so, the volatility of the pandemic means that even the best plans are not immune to unforeseen hurdles.

It looks like it may be best to take the tentative date on October 5 with some skepticism before the official confirmation from Amazon.

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