Amazon Prime: these are the August highlights

Will Smith in “Gemini Man”

A lot of new films and series will also be released on Amazon Prime Video in August. These include Will Smith in “Gemini Man”, the new season of “Lucifer” and the premiere of the thriller series “Alex Rider”.

“Lucifer” is now starting its fifth round. From August 22, Prime Video will make the first part of the new season available. In it, Lucifer comes from hell to Los Angeles, where he makes fun of helping the LAPD. In the new episodes, the Lord of Hell is at stake as never before, according to Amazon.

In addition, a new thriller series celebrates its premiere. The Amazon original “Alex Rider” is based on the second part of the Alex Rider Roman series, which has sold millions of copies worldwide. The main and title role is played by Otto Farrant. He plays a teenager in London who has been subconsciously trained in the world of espionage since childhood. After the death of his uncle, the boy goes to a boarding school called Point Blanc. There, rebellious children of ultra-rich people like the one are supposed to be put on the right path. But Alex comes across a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Will Smith has to literally wrestle with himself. In “Gemini Man” he plays the contract killer Henry Brogan, who has to fight a clone of his younger self. The film was released in cinemas in 2019 and was shown with the new 3D Plus technology. The film was shot at 120 frames per second to create smoother and sharper shots. The action strip can be seen on Amazon Prime Video from August 13th.

An overview of the August highlights

New series and seasons

  • Lucifer – Season 5, Part 1: from 22.08.
  • Alex Rider – Season 1: from 07.08.
  • World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji – Season 1 (OV / OmU): from 14.08.
  • The Last Narc – Season 1 (OV / OmU): from 31.07.
  • For Umme – Season 1: from 01.08.
  • Scandal – seasons 1-7: from 07.08.

New films

  • Chemical Hearts: from August 21
  • Gemini Man: from 13.08.
  • Lara: from 07.08.
  • Yung: from 28.08.
  • Upgrade: from August 15th
  • Pavarotti: from August 29th
  • Then you too sleep: from 28.08.
  • Mortal Engines: City War: from 18.08.
  • The dragonfly and the rhinoceros: from 20.08.
  • Loveletter – a second chance for love: from 23.08.
  • A Boy Called Sailboat – Every miracle has its melody – from 30.08.
  • Monsieur Pick’s secret novel: from 26.08.
  • Daughter of the Wolf: from 08.08.
  • Unknown user: Dark Web: from 11.08.
  • The cave – the gate to another time: from 11.08.
  • Relentless – alone against the cartel: from 12.08.
  • Outrage coda: from 04.08.
  • Outrage Beyond: from 04.08.
  • Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal: from 09.08.
  • Little Teutons – A childhood in the right scene: from 17.08.
  • Ghostbusters: from 01.08.

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  • geminiman: Paramount Pictures

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