Amazon Prime Video Releases August 2020: Movies and Series

Inés del alma mía is the most outstanding premiere of August with 8 episodesAlthough we cannot forget the successful film 1917, from the World’s Toughest Race program: Eco-Challenge Fiji with Bear Grylls, the film La Monja and many other novelties that we will review below.

New series on Amazon Prime Video

Inés del alma mía, starring Elena Rivera, Eduardo Noriega and the Chilean actor Benjamín Vicuña, is a co-production between RTVE, Boomerang TV and Chilevisión Composed of 8 episodes that can be seen from August 1. In this case, we are in an adaptation of Isabel Allende’s eponymous novel based on real events, which tells in 8 exciting chapters the story of Inés Suárez, a young and daring woman from Extremadura who sets sail for the New World in search of her husband, lost on the other side of the Atlantic, with dreams of having a life of adventure, something unthinkable for a woman of her time.

On August 14 we will be able to see WORLD’S TOUGHEST RACE: ECO-CHALLENGE FIJI in its season 1. In this program we have 66 teams in Fiji that must complete the most epic adventure ever lived. This will take you to your emotional and physical limits. The well-known Bear Grylls leads the cast.

Bread and Circus opens on August 7 with a total of 7 episodes for Amazon Prime Video. Here we will see Diego Luna sitting at the table with politicians, activists and figures from different fields to talk from different points of view on urgent issues in today’s society, accompanied by menus from renowned chefs in Mexico.

In addition to those new series, Prime Video also incorporates the first 5 seasons of MISFTIS since August 1, the 8 seasons of 24 from that same date, the fifth season of Fear the Walking Dead on August 15 or Season 1 of Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys on August 28.

New Prime Video Movies

Among the new films From Amazon Prime Video we find the following:

August 1

  • Rocky I, II, III, IV and V
  • Interstellar

interstellar August 3rd

August 4th

August 5

August 10

August 14

  • Torrente (the whole saga)
  • Black Swan
  • On the tightrope

August 21

August 24

August 28

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