Amazon reduces Crucial Ballistix Sport Gaming's RAM to $ 104 for 32 GB

Now is a good time to upgrade your gaming desktop’s RAM at a very reasonable price, as Amazon offers 32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3000MHz DDR4 DRAM for just $ 104.22. This is a pair of 16 GB sticks with a total of 32 GB. This isn’t the fastest, best performing RAM on the market, but at this price, it will be hard to beat. This offer is primarily aimed at users who want to install 32 GB of RAM in their system. However, it is also an excellent budget option for equipping two separate systems, each with 16 GB.

This RAM works at a speed of 3000 MHz, and even before this last price drop, we chose it as our first choice for budget gaming RAM. Starting at $ 154.99, this is the lowest price it has ever been offered.

If you are looking for faster RAM and can manage your budget a bit more flexibly, we recommend paying the surcharge to get Corsair Vengeance RAM instead. This is the next-best-priced alternative and still reasonably priced at $ 119.99.

32 GB of RAM will be more than enough for the vast majority of users, and it will likely take some time before we see games that require 32 GB of RAM, no matter more than 32 GB. If a lack of RAM is currently impacting your gaming performance, it’s a cheap and easy upgrade that can do impressive results on RAM-intensive tasks.

If you want to know how different RAM speeds affect performance in practice, here’s a guide to the technical details of how it all works. The general result, however, is that faster RAM helps make games run faster. The exact results depend on your choice of other components, the games you play, and how balanced your computer is overall. For systems with slower, low-capacity RAM, these Crucial Ballistix modules are a useful and meaningful upgrade.

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