Amazon's commitment to moving images in the Bundesliga ends

Picture: © Amazon
Picture: © Amazon

The relegation second leg of Ingolstadt and Nuremberg is due tomorrow. In addition to DAZN, the game is also shown on ZDF and Amazon Prime. It could already mean a farewell to a short trip to the moving picture Bundesliga.

The duels for the 2nd Bundesliga on DAZN, Prime and on free TV on ZDF. As of now, one of the three broadcasting stations could say goodbye to the Bundesliga. The second is at least one season for a few games live, DAZN for its part is at least in a very good negotiating position for 2020/21 and from the season after next you will be more involved than ever in the Bundesliga live broadcasts. So there is only one candidate left.

Everything indicates that at least the moving Bundesliga pictures of the past few weeks of ghost games were only a short trip on the part of Amazon. Online radio rights to the Bundesliga are still held for one season. But this will also end in the summer of 2021, as the ARD was able to secure this when the broadcasting rights to the federal leagues had just ended.

Due to the termination of the contractual relationship between Eurosport and the DFL, DAZN is currently also without Bundesliga rights for the next season. By increasing the rights portfolio from the 2021/22 season, as already indicated above, it would have to be done with the devil if the sports streaming service could not agree with the DFL on a replacement solution for its sublicense, which had become void thanks to Eurosport.

The Bundesliga farewell to Amazon will come

For Amazon, who spectacularly interfered in the deal for the current remaining season, the situation is opposite. From next summer, as mentioned, you won’t have a say in football broadcasts in Germany anyway. In view of the situation that Amazon could not buy a package for the next rights period, it would be a little surprising if the internet giant would once again join the negotiations between the DFL and DAZN for the coming 2020/21 season.

Rather, it seemed that in the wake of the Corona crisis it was relatively cheap to get broadcast rights for the remaining ghost games on Fridays, Mondays and Sundays. In poker for the rights from 2021 onwards, you were obviously blown away, possibly tarnished by this inexpensive entry into the moving-picture Bundesliga.

So the likelihood is pretty high that after the relegation matches to the 2nd Bundesliga for Amazon on July 11th it will be over again and then a farewell in installments will be celebrated on the Internet radio until next summer, before the online Gigantic radio silence will prevail – at least until the next assignment of rights (probably) in 2024.

Only then can a new attempt be made to the Bundesliga.

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