Amplify your wireless network with Xiaomi for only 8 euros

The Xiaomi Wi-Fi amplifier, for only 8 euros: improve the quality and range of your network in the cheapest way.

Today may be a good day for improve the quality and range of the Wi-Fi network from your house once and for all, thanks to Xiaomi.

And today you can get hold of him Most advanced Xiaomi Wi-Fi signal booster at a price of only 8 euros, a reduction of almost half compared to its original price of 15 euros.

Thanks to this device, you can extend the range of your home or office Wi-Fi network in the simplest – and cheapest – way possible, thanks to its extremely simple setup process.

Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier

Get the Xiaomi Wi-Fi amplifier for only 8 euros.

The Xiaomi Pro 300M, for less than 10 euros

Despite its price and small size, The Xiaomi Pro 300M is one of the most interesting devices in the Xiaomi catalog.

It is a Wi-Fi amplifier that, once connected to one of the home sockets, and associated with the main Wi-Fi network, is capable of amplify the network signal to extend its reach to the corners of the house where we would not normally have coverage.

It is capable of admitting up to 64 connected devices, and offers a maximum connection speed of 300 Mbps.

Its official price is 14.99 euros, but for a limited time it can be purchased at a price of 8 euros or 9 dollars through AliExpress, with the possibility of shipping to both Spain and Latin America.

This is an offer available at the time of publication of the article. Discounts may vary based on stock and store demand.

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