An Apple vendor accused of violating human rights

Uyghur - Muslim ethnicity Chinese region

It is not the first time, nor unfortunately will it be the last, in which we talk about such unpleasant aspects such as child exploitation or human rights violations, not only in companies that work for Apple, but in companies that They work for most of the world’s technology companies.

According to CNET, the United States Department of Commerce has added 11 Chinese companies to the list of companies accused of violating human rights. Of these 11 new companies, one of them works not only for Apple, but also for Microsoft, Amazon, Dell and General Motors.

This is the provider Nanchang O-Fim Tech, a company that is exploiting minority groups of Muslims in an area of ​​the country known for the Xijiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

These 11 companies that have entered the unfortunate list of companies accused of repeatedly violating human rights, force the inhabitants of this region to work. without receiving financial remuneration, he collects his biometric data, genetic analyzes, arbitrarily stops them… According to Wilbur Ross, United States Trade Secretary.

Ross says:

This action will ensure that our products and technologies are not used in the Chinese Communist Party’s despicable offensive against defenseless Muslim minority populations.

Nanchang O-Film Tech manufactures cameras, fingerprint sensors, and touchscreens primarily although it has not been released. what is the specific relationship with Apple.

Every year, Apple publishes a report with a list of the top 200 vendors you work with, suppliers that must meet a series of requirements and among which are not child exploitation, human rights violations, that the raw material comes from countries in conflict …

Last March, The Information newspaper published an article denouncing both Nanchang O-Film and BOE Technologies of abusing the inhabitants of this region located in the northwest of China. The United States Department of Commerce has only confirmed this.

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