An image of the supposed OLED screen of the iPhone 12 leaks

OLED screen

It is evident that the next iPhone 12 already in production at full throttle. Apple itself has confirmed that they will arrive a week behind the dates that the company’s flagships usually launch, between September and October.

And as much as Apple wants to hide its new devices until making them official, leaks with images of the alleged components of these new models begin to flourish. Today a photograph of an OLED panel appeared on the Twitter account of a famous leaker, with the comment «OLED screen of iPhone 12«.

A few days ago I was commenting on the news of a photos that appeared of the possible iPhone 12 screen panels. Today we saw new images of another component of the iPhone 12, some strange magnets in the housing. And now a new photograph emerges from the screen OLED iPhone 12.

It is clear that this year’s new iPhones are already being manufactured, and although the company does not want it, little by little we will be seeing leaks of images that at the moment are only supposed components prior to the assembly of the iPhone 12.

It would be nice if these components already assembled in the finished device are filtered in a few days. The security measures at the final assembly plants must be very strong, as these images of a finished iPhone they usually never leak.

It’s hard to figure out too many details of the image itself, and the tweet accompanying it does not provide any additional context other than “iPhone 12 OLED display”. There is no way to know exactly how big is this screen, nor can we know at a glance the size of the famous top notch, characteristic of the screens of iPhones from iPhone X.

So we will wait to see if new leaked images appear, which can provide us with more information about this year’s expected iPhone 12.

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