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While little has changed with the May update for Windows 10, the latest software update really has it all! In addition to new functions, Microsoft has also given its start menu a complete facelift. GIGA has an overview of all innovations.

Windows 10: This is what the new start menu really looks like

There have been numerous leaks in the past where we were able to get a first look at the new design of the Windows 10 start menu. Now Microsoft has released a new version for Windows Insider, which among other things implements these changes. The official blog entry neatly lists what exactly is changing in the Start menu for Windows 10 – but the whole thing is also visualized in a short animation:

Turn old into new – this is what the new start menu in Windows 10 looks like (Image: Microsoft)

As already suspected, Microsoft says goodbye to the differently colored backgrounds in the live tiles and the blue background behind the logos in the app overview has been removed. Instead, users can now use either a dark or light theme – both make a good impression at first glance.

New functions in Windows 10: This changes with the update

But Microsoft has not only created the start menu. For example, users of the new edge browser are now able to click through individual tabs with the key combination Alt + Tab. Normally you can only switch back and forth between individual programs / windows with the command, Microsoft has now applied the principle to his browser.

Tab changes via Alt + Tab – somehow makes sense (Image: Microsoft)

The new function is activated by default, if you are concerned about it, you can undo it at any time via the Options menu -> System -> Multitasking. By the way, this command only works with the Canary version or the Dev build of the Edge browser.

You should know these practical shortcuts in Windows 10:

Personalization in Windows 10: more options for the taskbar

And the taskbar has also been revised by Microsoft. If you create an account for the first time in Windows 10 and link your Android smartphone or Xbox Live account, you will see a slightly different task bar, as shown in the picture:

Overview of the new task bars (Image: Microsoft)

Existing Windows accounts, on the other hand, are not automatically adjusted – thanks, Microsoft!

Control Panel in Windows 10: Microsoft is slowly burying the old menu

Probably the slowest move ever continues. For years, Microsoft has been trying to gradually port functions from the old control panel to the new settings menu. However, this is going rather slowly. In the new Insider Update, all system information can now be found on the “About” page of the system menu:

Picture: Microsoft

New update for Windows 10: How to get the fresh version

If you want to download and try the new update now, you have to register with the Microsoft Insider Program. This way you get access to the latest pre-release versions of Windows 10 and can give the manufacturer feedback in good time before the corresponding updates are released to the general public. You also have to register for the corresponding dev channel – because this new version is still in the active development branch.

At this time nobody can say when the new design will also be integrated into the normal version. However, it is certain that there will definitely be a few more months before we can expect the update on our systems.

Robert Kohlick
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