Movilzone Seal 7We have had in our hands the smartphone TCL 10L and by using it as the main device, we have obtained results that demonstrate what is possible with this model that has a fairly affordable price (less than 250 euros) and that does not lack any detail to have complete hardware.

One of the things to know about this model is that the operating system it uses is Android 10, so it is perfectly updated and this is positive. It doesn’t lack a layer of personalization called TCL UI, which has some virtues such as offering a more complete camera application than the one included by default in Google’s operating system. But, it is true that in the tests we have carried out we have verified that it has some details to polish. An example is that it consumes some extra resources and that, sometimes, you have to perform more actions than expected to access a specific section of the Settings.

TCL 10L front image

With a good memory management, That must be recognized, aesthetically this work is quite good and it should be noted that it allows navigation by gestures that is so positive when using the operating system of the Mountain View company. In short, a fairly correct job with room for improvement.

Design of this smartphone

Aesthetically this is a correct terminal, weighing less than 200 grams and it is well finished since everything integrates in a convincing way, such as the buttons on the right side that are little ones but accessible, and they keep the lines of the terminal (on the right side there is the card slot and an additional button to access the Google assistant, which is certainly useful in many cases. This, by the way, is configurable and is called Smart key).

Rear of the TCL 10L

With a bright color in the back area, which is quite a fingerprint magnet (even excessively it would have to be said), where there is a camera with four sensors placed horizontally that makes it different from other models on the market. It should be noted that this is where the fingerprint reader It has a square shape and is easily accessible. Its operation is really good, speed being better than reliability, since sometimes in less than optimal conditions – wet hands, for example – the pulsing process had to be repeated some time.

Side image of the TCL 10L

With a port USB Type-C In the area infer that it is where the sound elements that are fulfilled are and that, yes, it has more power than expected, the headphone jack that the TCL 10L has is on the upper edge … which is somewhat strange that It is not usual. But when it comes to usability, this one is perfect.

A screen of quite a few carats

This is one of the best components that the terminal has, since the 6.53 inch IPS panel it behaves really good with content and by the way offers HDR compatibility which is a nice touch for cloud servo content. In addition, it should be noted that Gorilla Glass 3 protection is included, which is great news and in use we have verified that this is effective.

The resolution of the TCL 10L is Full HD +, with a pixel density of 395 ppi, which serves as was clear to us when using the Chrome browser, since the definition of letters and images is pretty good. It should be noted that the brightness is powerful, in our tests we verified that it exceeds 400 nits without many problems if necessary, something that is greatly appreciated outdoors. The use of the automatic option of this parameter is appropriate, but it would be advisable to accelerate, something that can be corrected with an update, but we are not talking about a serious failure.

Screen image of the TCL 10L

The frames are quite successful, especially the lateral ones (the lower one is somewhat more prominent, but it does not prevent 80% of the front use being exceeded … something that has a lot to do with the fact that there is no notch and a hole in the upper left It is well dimensioned and it does not lack its small additional frame that, among other things, prevents light leaks. Good decision. The case is that this screen that allows double touch to be activated, offers a pretty good visual experience and therefore passes the test with flying colors.

TCL 10L display options
TCL 10L display display

Performance, without major failures

The eight-core processor that integrates the TCL 10L is a Snapdragon 665, an old acquaintance with manufacturing technology of 11 nanometers and who has the best “core” a Kryo 260 Gold that works at 2 GHz. This is accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and therefore the combination is quite adequate so that the Android operating system does not have a general feeling of slowness and that a bad experience is obtained.

Using the TCL 10L smartphone

In the days that we tried it, we got a good response in general, but sometimes the customize layer did not do its job perfectly, something that with the update released for the terminal is partially corrected. By the way, games don’t go wrong thanks to the Adreno 610 GPU, and in titles like Asphalt we get to enjoy to the fullest with hardly any “lag” appearing. Of course, nothing crazy.

We leave the results below in the test of performance that we usually use in MovilZona to know the performance of smartphones. They are as follows for the TCL 10L:

3D result Mark TCL 10L
Result in GFXbench TCL 10L
Result in Androbench TCL 10L
Result on the PC Mark TCL 10L
AnTuTu TCL 10L data
antutu result with the TCL 10L

Some of the conclusions are that working with a core of this smartphone is quite Okay, with an agility that is remarkable and, therefore, in undemanding tasks an excellent fluidity is noted. By contrast, storage is eMMC type, and this is noticeable in the use of data (especially in writing), something that must be taken into account.

TCL 10L smartphone data

In what has to do with the connectivity, we did not find a problem with Bluetooth, which is version 5.0, nor with Wifi, where for much use we gave it stability is high and, therefore, Internet is enjoyed without many restrictions which is always suitable for those who consume a lot of content from, for example YouTube. BTW, this is a 4G, and it does its job well.

Autonomy, very complete

The truth is that this was one of the most pleasant surprises that the TCL 10L has. With a load of 4,000 mAh, which is fine for the dimensions of the terminal, we got the welcome news of getting more than a day of habitual use Where Internet access was intense and we did not stop being with the screen on many times. This speaks very well in terms of consumption management, where it must be said that the Android layer does work well and that the components do not abuse consumption. Thus, it was not surprising that, with the screen constantly on and a brightness at half capacity, it can exceed 10 hours of use. The truth is that very well.

TCL 10L battery data
TCL 10L consumption
TCL 10L autonomy

This model does not include fast or wireless charging. The first is something that must be taken into account since to complete a process 100%, from scratch it takes a little more than two hours … a considerable time. Of course, heat, nothing at all at any time.

Four sensors to take photos

It is clear that numerically what this model offers is more than enough on paper to fulfill, and it is necessary to highlight among all the components integrated in this section that of 48 megapixels (F: 1.8) and who does not lack PDAF. The rest are an 8 MPx element for the angle (F: 2.2) and a pair of 2 Mpx with an F: 2.4 aperture, one for depth and the other for macro work. Not bad.

TCL 10L Camera

It must be said that with a good light you get some photos that are pretty good, with a correct dynamic range and no parts left with poor definition. It should be noted that the HDR mode behaves well, but it is not very intense in what has to do with the representation of colors, the opposite of what happens with the macro where the perception is to obtain more saturated results than is desirable.

Automatic photo with the TCL 10L

With low light things drop level, and you can see some grain in general and a loss of realism, which is not very significant but that is obvious. A pity that a proper mode is not included in this case. With portraits, the behavior is correct as it outlines decently, but with some problems in especially complex shots.

Night photo with the TCL 10L

These are some examples of what can be achieved with the TCL 10L by using its rear camera and also the front camera, which is 16 megapixels.

Macro photo with the TCL 10L
Infinitive photo with the TCL 10L
Backlit photo with the TCL 10L
Forum various approaches TCL 10L
Indoor photo with the TCL 10L
Automatic photo with the TCL 10L
Angular with the TCL 10L
2X zoom with the TCL 10L

The integrated application is simple, but much superior to the one that Android offers by default. Includes useful working modes, such as Macro, and the use of gestures is present. Convincing and smooth.

TCL 10L camera app
TCL 10L camera modes

Incidentally, the recordings that can be made with the terminal’s main camera become 4K at 30 FPS, where the device gets quite hot. The best thing, even for the results obtained (where it is obvious that there is no optical stabilization, although this does not avoid achieving acceptable results), is to use 1080p that reaches 120 FPS.


A fairly complete smartphone that has positive details such as a high quality display and that the autonomy is quite wide (it does not have fast charging, which is surprising). It is no match for performance, and it doesn’t buy bad with games.

TCL 10L fingerprint reader
Screen hole TCL 10L

With a performance solvent in photography and compatible with HDR, the truth is that for 250 euros it is an internal terminal and it does not match in the market. You have to consider this.

TCL smartphone score 10L

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