Android 11 Beta 2 is now available for download: all the news

Android 11 Beta 2 can now be downloaded and installed on Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 smartphones.

Last month finally came Android 11 Beta 1 with which Google presented some user-oriented changes. A week later, the Mountain View company released an update. to beta version 1.5 of Android 11, which came to fix some of the bugs present in the original build. Now Google has released the second public beta of the eleventh major mobile operating system update, and we tell you how to install it and what are its main novelties.

But before, it should be noted that the Beta 2 of Android 11 can currently be installed on Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4, although it is expected that the rest of manufacturers compatible with the test version will decide to adapt this version to their devices in the future. Through its official blog, Google has released all the details of this new beta version.

Android 11 Beta

Its release was postponed, but Android 11 beta 2 has hit some devices.

After this version, it only remains that Beta 3 launches in August so that next September the stable version of Android 11 will be officially launched, at least for Pixel smartphones. The Beta 2 of Android 11 does not incorporate big news, since the Mountain View company has focused especially on making Android 11 more stable. Still there has been a series of changes that we tell you below.

All the news of Beta 2 of Android 11

Android 11

Android 11 introduces great news.

The first change that comes with the Beta 2 of Android 11 are the new APIs that it’s ready and that app creators can use to implement the new features of the eleventh major update of the operating system in their programs. A new play history button in progress and now the screenshots appear again in the notification bar.

On the other hand, the Beta 2 version of Android 11 has polished multitasking and you have removed the share button from this section. With this version the option to customize the shape of the icons, the clock and the wallpapers is lost, and now when an app is fixed it appears a small thumbtack icon. In the same way, now the button in the notifications to turn off and restart has been combined into one, recent menu actions have been simplified, and the notifications section titles are now shorter.

But it is not all, since multimedia controls have been redesigned, conversations now have a dedicated settings page and a new Record Screen icon is offered in quick settings. As for the latter function, with Android Beta 2 you can now select audio source, whether the microphone, the system or both, when recording the screen.

How to install Android 11 Beta

All those who already had a preliminary version of Android 11 installed on their devices will receive the update automatically in the next few hours. Other users can sign up on the Android Beta page to also receive the beta version through an update released via OTA.

On the other hand, those who do not want to wait for the beta, they can do the manual installation of OTA files published on the Google developer website.

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