Android 11 Beta 3 is now available and comes with a new "easter egg"

The third and last beta of Android 11 can now be downloaded: all the news.

As planned based on the official update schedule, Android 11 Beta 3 is now available.

It’s about the third and last beta of the new version of the system, before the arrival of the definitive edition, whose deployment is scheduled for next September.

With this update, Google introduces minor functional changes, and is limited to improving bugs and fixing bugs present in beta 2. However, the company has taken the opportunity to renew the Easter egg operating system.

Android 11

Android 11 is the second version of the story without a dessert or sweet name

Android 11 Beta 3 is now downloadable

The beta 3 of Android 11 arrives just a few days after the presentation of the new Google Pixel 4a, Google’s mid-range terminal for this 2020, which equips version 10 of Android and will be one of the first on the market to update to the new version.

Google explains that since beta number 2 reached the platform’s stability phase, all aesthetic and functional changes are final. However, a few days ago one of the members of the Android development team announced the arrival of the odd surprise with the final version.

Maybe one of those surprises was the new “easter egg” or Easter egg that Google has finally introduced in this third beta of Android 11. As they tell in 9to5Google, this time Google has revived the minigame “Neko cat” entered as Easter egg on Android 7.

Now, yes, to access it it will be necessary to press several times on the system version number inside the “Information” section in the System Settings, and slide the rotary control to bring up the android 11 logo.

It will be then when, in the new system shutdown menu, it will be possible to add the minigame inside the devices section. There, the “See other applications” menu will appear, where it is possible to add a new “Cat Control”.

The minigame in question consists of feed a virtual cat with food and water and play with it to make it appear. The device will have to be left locked for several minutes for it to appear. Once you do, we will receive a notification.

On top of that, as was already possible on Android 7, it is possible to rename each of the virtual cats to those we have achieved invoke, share pictures of them and more. A curious fact is the fact that this function takes advantage of the Pixel 4’s haptic motor to emit a vibration that simulates the purr of a real cat.

Android 11 Beta 3 can be downloaded through the program’s official page, although owners of a compatible mobile phone – any Pixel from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4 – can adhere to the Android beta program to receive the new version automatically on their terminals.

It is also possible to install manually by following the steps in our guide.

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