Android 11 changes the interface for work or leisure apps

Android 11 launched its new beta this week, which we can already download in Spain, where errors are mostly corrected. These weeks we have been hearing a lot about the new version of the operating system, which still has a dessert name for Google. This new version will also be launched for companies, with certain novelties in this field.

A few weeks ago the main ones were mentioned functions that Android 11 was going to get in its version for companies, like the new job profiles, oriented above all to privacy. Google now shares more details about the improvements that this version will have in the business environment.

This will be Android 11 for companies

Android 11 for business

One of the main improvements or changes that Google introduces in Android 11 for companies is the interface. In the operating system we find the freelance work and personal tabs, which are going to be gaining presence now on the phones. Since manufacturers will be able to present these tabs in more places.

Inside the Settings app (in sections for the location, storage, accounts and information of the app), also when using the Share option, in addition to when users can open a selected item with another app (the Open with menu) or when selecting documents. In the photo you can see how the applications would be organized within each tab, thus allowing a clear interface, simple to use and that gives us a better overview of these applications.

These two tabs in Android 11 will allow users better application management, knowing perfectly well whether it is an app for the workplace or another for the personal sphere. On the other hand, Google introduces some minor improvements in job profiles, as discussed in its post. In addition, it seeks to improve security and privacy on these devices.

Android 11 featured job profile

When pausing a job profile, the lock screen may have a “I forgot my password” button for devices that have different passwords for the device and the work profile. When using this button, because you do not remember the access password, you have to contact the administrator of the same. In addition, by pressing this button, that work profile is started in safe mode, in order to reset the password, in this case the IT department of that company can do it.

A series of improvements with which to better adapt the phones that will have or update Android 11 to companies, in addition to those that Google presented at the beginning of this month.

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