Android 11 is updated to beta 2: news and changes

After several versions of Android 11 intended for developers, in early June Google released the first beta of Android 11, a more stable version but still in development.

A few days later a second beta was released, although it was not beta 2, but a 1.5 call that corrected some major flaws in the first.

It was today, July 8, when Google made the launch of its second beta of Android 11 official for the compatible Google Pixels.

In theory there is only one last beta version left, 3, which will presumably arrive in August. After that would come the stable version, which seems to be released on September 8, at least for the Pixels.

Mobile phones where it can be installed

Android 11 is updated to beta 2: news and changes

At the moment this beta is coming to the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 and their XL versions, it is to be expected that in a few days they will start to reach the mobiles of other brands that are also compatible with this test version.

There are models from Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO or OnePlus as we already have in a list that we keep updated.

How to install beta 2 of Android 11

Android 11 is updated to beta 2: news and changes

To be able to install this version, what we have to do is simply look for pending updates on our Pixels and proceed to download. They are about 370 MB so it may take a while since the servers are somewhat crashed in the first hours.

This is the case if we were already in the test program. If not, you have to follow these instructions.

Changes and news: focusing on stability

In this version we will not have many new functions since Google has focused on making Android 11 a stable version to be used as a testing ground for final apps.

Completed APIs available to developers

The first of the changes is not relevant to the end user but is relevant to developers. The new APIs are ready and app creators can use them to implement the new Android 11 functions in their programs: seen in the notifications conversations section, bubbles in the messaging apps, integration of multimedia control in the quick settings …

Multitasking loses share button

Multitasking in Android 11 has been polished and now gives fewer errors when selecting text from it. Of course, the share button in this section has been removed.

Option to customize watch is lost

In beta 1 we had the option to customize the shape of the icons, wallpapers and clock. In beta 2 the latter is lost.

The share menu alerts you if you have apps fixed

One of the most useful functions of the share menu is to set apps so that the first ones appear. With beta 2, a small pin-shaped icon now appears when we fix an app.


If you want to see on video how Android 11 is, we invite you to see what we did when beta 1 was launched, with the 11 most important news.

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