Android 11 is updated to beta 3: news and compatible phones

Google continues with its beta calendar for Android 11 and the third beta of the operating system is now official, a couple of weeks after version 2.5 arrived in Spain. Unlike previous betas of the operating system, in this one we hardly find any news, although there is a change. It is also the last of the betas before its stable release.

The Google Pixel, as usual, are the first to have access to beta 3 of Android 11. Users with Google phones (with the exception of the original models) can now proceed with their installation. This is the most stable beta that has been released so far.

New beta of Android 11

The third beta of Android 11 focuses on helping developers put the finishing touches to your applications so that they are ready for the new version of the operating system. This includes targeting the official API 30 SDK and building with the new tools and updates available through Android Studio. Thanks to this beta we can already have a clear idea about what we can expect from the stable version of the operating system, which will surely become official soon.

The main novelty that this beta leaves us is the update for the exposure notification system (ENS), the COVID-19 contact tracking API developed by Apple and Google. From now on, users will be able to run applications using ENS without having to activate device location settings in Android 11.

Google claims that this exception is being made for apps that use only the Exposure Notification Systemas it has been designed in such a way that tracking applications that use it cannot infer the location of the device through Bluetooth scanning. This should clear up some of the privacy concerns that users and developers had in the context of these applications. To protect user privacy, all other apps will still be prohibited from performing a Bluetooth scan unless device location is enabled and the user has granted location permission to them.

How to download beta 3 in the Google Pixel

This third beta of Android 11 Launches for Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4 and Pixel 3a, in addition to its XL versions. To be able to download this beta on the phone, it is possible at this link. There it will be possible to download it and Google explains all the steps that must be followed to be able to access it on the phone.

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