Android 11 is updated to version 2.5 of its beta

As the most technophiles already know, we are in the process of developing Android 11, the version of Google’s mobile operating system that will be released in early September if the rumors are true.

Although there may be changes, we are currently using beta 2 and there will be a new test version before the final version. What we did not expect was an intermediate version between beta 2 and 3.

Google has released today the 2.5 version of the Android 11 beta to correct some problems, among which is the one that gave the Pixel 4 with its screen.

In this case we do not have new functions since what Google has wanted is to solve more or less important errors that the users of this beta had. These are the fixes.

  • Fixed issues that prevented a user from listening to or recording audio in applications after making a VoIP call.
  • The notification drawer no longer causes problems when it appears when a user swipes down from the top of the screen.
  • The screen no longer flickers on some devices when it is set to a low brightness level.
  • Fixed several issues that could cause devices to reboot intermittently.
  • The navigation bar no longer appears in cases where it would not normally display, such as during device restart.
  • Some Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices that had made more than one Android 11 update were prevented from receiving an OTA back to Android 10. This has been resolved.

These small changes improve the day-to-day life of beta testers and make it possible for Google to focus on polishing the problems caused by the new functions of Android 11, which we already mentioned in a video:

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