Android 11 will not have long screenshots and Google explains it

With the launch of the second test version of Android 11, some of those responsible for creating this software have gone to the popular Reddit forum to answer an AMA (Ask Me Anything / Ask Me Something).

There have been many questions, especially from developers who were interested in knowing certain details of how the stable version of Android 11 will work and how they can adapt their creations.

Among the many questions that have been asked was one that referred to continuous screenshots.

Android 11 will not have continuous screenshots

There are many manufacturers that have already implemented in their graphic interfaces the possibility not to take a screenshot, something that has been with us for years, but to be able to make a long one, perfect for saving a web page or a chat that shows us all the information on the diagonal of the screen. That is why it is strange that Google has not implemented this function natively but the developers of the operating system have their reasons.

The reason is that, contrary to what some manufacturers do, Google doesn’t want to create separate screenshots and join them later using software. That does not work in all applications and they want to ensure that when the implementation is done in the Android source code there are no problems in any mobile phone from any manufacturer.

Screenshots in Android 11 beta

Screenshots in Android 11 beta

However, they have been working on it as evidenced by the fact that Parts of Android 11 beta two code refer to this feature. However, like other features, they have been discarded at the last minute for failing to meet the quality standards the development team wanted.

So, at least until Android 12 we will not have this implementation natively on all mobiles with this operating system. If your terminal does not allow it, you can always install a third-party application that enables the function.

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