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Android and Chrome OS move closer together

Android and Chrome OS move closer together

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Google has power over Android and Chrome OS, but the two operating systems do not really work together. This is exactly what Google wants to change and could become an alternative to Windows.


Google brings Android and Chrome OS closer together

Android apps run on Chromebooks and the Google Play Store can be run on them, but Android phones have not yet formed a unit with Google notebooks. This union was actually expected only with the Android successor “Fuchsia”, the new operating system that can run on all devices, but Google wants to take an intermediate step. In the future, you will receive Android notifications from your smartphone on Chrome OS and will be able to continue working on the Chromebook directly.

The whole thing is called Phone Hub and has now appeared in the code for the first time – reports 9to5google. If you activate this function under Chrome OS, you can receive notifications from your Android phone, share documents and, for example, continue to use the Chrome browser in the same place on the Chromebook – and vice versa, of course. This would significantly merge Chrome OS and Android and form a real unity. A similar functionality already exists with Windows 10.

Android 11: what to expect:

Chromebooks in Germany with a hard time

This merger does not give users in Germany a major advantage. In fact, Chrome OS isn’t widely used here, and Chromebooks aren’t very popular. The situation is very different in the USA. Chromebooks are often used there in schools because they are very cheap and have all the necessary functions. If Google now connects Android to Chrome OS, this could further strengthen the usage. It would also be conceivable that Chrome OS devices could gain interest in Germany. Such a Chromebook costs less than 200 euros and actually offers everything you need for mobile work. GIGA will inform you when the function is activated.

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