Android boss is cheating – for good reason

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What’s going on at Google? The Android boss himself cheats and shows himself to the competition with a cell phone. On closer inspection, however, it turns out that there is a good reason for the affair – and could be particularly useful for smartphone users.


Even more than Apple, Microsoft and Google have an icy hostility: Office, e-mail, search engine or browser: both US companies often offer similar products that are in tough competition with one another. The fact that Google even boycotted Windows Phone at the time and actively contributed to the demise of the mobile operating system was the highlight of the competition so far. All the more unusual when a high-ranking Google manager shows up with a Microsoft smartphone.

Surface Duo: Android boss shares pictures from the folding phone

Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer shared a photo on Twitter showing the Surface Duo. Microsoft’s innovative mobile phone with double screen has been a regular guest on social networks for some time and is often seen “by chance” when Microsoft employees share photos from their lives. The Windows manufacturer apparently wants to fuel interest in smartphones that run on the Android operating system.

The fact that the head of Android development himself now shares photos of the Surface Duo is surprising. This suggests that Google and Microsoft have buried their hatchet a bit and that the search engine provider was actively involved in the development of the Surface smartphone. This is good news for smartphone users, because by joining forces, both companies can advance the development of folding mobile phones even better.

Microsoft’s Suface Duo in the video:

When will the Surface Duo be introduced?

Microsoft has not yet officially presented the Surface Duo. In view of the increasing number of leaks, the presentation shouldn’t be too far away. Compared to other folding smartphones, the Surface Duo has two Super AMOLED displays that are separated from each other by a hinge. Both screens have a diagonal of 5.6 inches and have a resolution of 1,800 x 1,350 pixels. The software used is Android 10, which Microsoft has specially adapted for use with two screens. Access to the Google Play Store and the Google apps is available.

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