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Android game Zombie Road Kill

Android game Zombie Road Kill


Car games there are many for the operating system AndroidBut there are not so many who put you behind the wheel of a car with which you must run over everyone who puts you ahead without any remorse. This is what it offers Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter, a development of which we tell you what you can expect from it.

This is a job that is not entirely wrong. Technically it is a development that is not badly worked since its graphics are three dimensional (Do not panic, since the requirements of Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter are not exactly very high). They are not the highest quality that we have seen, since the elements that are seen on the screen, at least what is important for the games, are a little small … but, basically, it is meets. The sound is completely irrelevant, so you can enjoy the music you like without the slightest problem.

Zombie Road Kill - Zombie drift hunter game menu

The installation does not have any problem, since the download of this Android game is done regularly in different official stores, so the reliability is high. In addition, this work has the good virtue of not occupying much in the memory of the smartphone or tablet since they are only 52 MB, which allows to have Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter fully available. And, in addition, you do not have to be connected to the Internet at all, which is always positive since it can be used.

A simple story in Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter

Well this is something that has good and bad things. In the first, it should be noted that you do not have to eat at the head to take full advantage of the development … simply start the game and … enjoy! since the goal is simply run over all the zombies on the screen in which you play. As simple as that. Of course, this means that there is no residue of improvement and continuity, something that many users love.

As it could not be otherwise, to complete each of the levels that the game has, you have to face a final enemy that is much harder and more complicated … it is even capable of holding the car you use regardless of the speed you use. And, this is something, it can despair more than one and turns Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter for Android into a development that has a difficulty of at least medium. In other words, it is recommended if you like challenges and not very easy things.

An unexpected difficulty

Apart from the zombies themselves that swarm through the different scenarios (some fall with a single blow and others need something else to die permanently), there is something that makes you have to have patience with Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter: handling . It is not exactly the most intuitive possible even though there are only two actions that can be done, such as turning right and left. But, until you find the right point of control, it takes a while… so be patient.

Skid in Android game Zombie Road Kill - Zombie drift hunter

Furthermore, it is important to note that limits of the conduction space are fixed, for example, some walls. If you hit them you lose and you have to start again … always from the beginning which will drive more than one person mad. By the way, it is possible to use different cars offered by the Android game we are talking about … and to achieve this in some cases you have to see advertisements which, in our opinion, is something that should be avoided since this means that there is no special interest in achieving them on many occasions.

Download Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter

If you think this is a good option to enjoy in summer with those moments when you do not have much to do, now you can get this development in the Galaxy Store without having to pay anything for it. With more announcements than desirable, the truth is that when you learn to drive the car properly, it is a development that is not bad as a casual title. At least, giving it a try costs nothing.

Game Board Zombie Road Kill - Zombie drift hunter

Get Zombie Road Kill – Zombie drift hunter on Galaxy Store

Written by Iván Martín

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