Android games and apps subscription arrives in Spain

Last september Google Play Pass was officially presented, Google’s subscription service, which gives access to a huge selection of games and applications. In its presentation it was launched only in the United States, although Google commented that in a few months it would be launched in more countries. Its launch in Spain is now a reality.

Almost a year has passed, but the international launch of this subscription service is coming true. Google Play Pass arrives in Spain, in addition to other countries. It is officially launched this week, so users can finally subscribe to this service on Android.

Google Play Pass launches internationally

New Google Play Pass: more than 350 complete apps and games without ads

In addition to Spain, Google Play Pass reaches Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. So you are already thus available in a total of 10 countries worldwide. The operation remains unchanged: in exchange for a monthly fee, you have access to a large selection of games and applications in said service.

New games and applications will be released every month in this service, which will allow said offer to be expanded. The applications and games that we find do not have purchases or ads inside, which is one of the great advantages or keys of this formula. Enjoy these applications or games without limits. In addition, there are well-known games inside, such as Monument Valley, Stardew Valley or Limbo.

Google Play Pass is presented as a good option to have those premium games or applications, paying less for them, thanks to your subscription. In addition, there will be two payment methods, because we can choose for the classic of 4.99 euros per month or the annual one of 29.99 euros per year, which is a new option that they introduce from Google itself. It should not be forgotten that users who subscribe will be able to share their subscription with up to five more members of their family, as is the case with the Google Play Family Library.

To facilitate the search for all these applications and games, a new Play Pass tab for subscribers. In addition, those apps and games that are in Pass can be identified by the Play Pass symbol. All applications and games bearing the symbol are fully unlocked with the subscription.

The launch of this Google service in Spain and the other mentioned countries will take place this week. You may not be able to subscribe and start using it yet, but over the next few days it should be possible. So you will be able to access all those games and applications on your Android phone.

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