Android on Windows: This is how Wireless DeX works on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Wireless DeX is the new desktop mode that Samsung has enabled for its top-of-the-range smartphones, allowing owners to run Android apps in a Windows environment in a comfortable and simple way.

Samsung surprised us in 2017 with DeX Station. An accessory created for the Galaxy S8 that promised to turn smartphones into Linux PCs, by connecting it to an external screen, with a mouse and keyboard, offering a complete desktop experience. To do this, he created the Linux on Galaxy program, the name of which itself explains the function.

Being able to turn a smartphone into a mobile PC with Linux was a good way to justify the high price that the high-end mobile phones were reaching, turning them into devices with great potential for various uses. With the Galaxy S9 came the Samsung DeX Pad as an improvement on the previous one. Unfortunately, Samsung discontinued this project.

Wireless DeX

The new Galaxy Note 20 phablets arrive with support for Wireless DeX, a change of course compared to the previous DeX that first needed an expansion base and then USB-Type C cabling. And here there is no Linux, there is Android on Windows.

Wireless DeX allows smartphones like the Note 20 to connect without cables, wires or docks, to wireless networks on televisions with support Miracast, a standard compatible with most modern smart TVs.

Followers of the Continuum for Windows Phone will appreciate the similarities with what Microsoft tried with its mobile platform, being able to use the terminal at the same time as on the desktop or the ability to use the phone as a trackpad and keyboard. Of course, Bluetooth keyboards and mice are still supported.

It is a different concept to the original DeX project, but if you acquire the Note 20 it is one more possibility. YouTube channel Jimmy is Promo has posted a video showing the connection and usage.

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