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Android users are more loyal to their phones than iPhone users

Android users are more loyal to their phones than iPhone users

According to a CIRP study, Android users tend to be more faithful to the manufacturer of their smartphone than iPhone users, something that contrasts with the feeling of an industry that continues to think of ‘fanboys’ as fans of anything launched by Apple.

There are studies for all tastes, and the truth is that I have to admit that I really like all these curious statistics, sometimes of dubious origin, who speak categorically about an industry as complex as that of smartphones, where the Google / Apple duality has already eaten up any competition that may have arisen around them.

The last of these research papers has tried to assess the loyalty of iOS and Android users Regarding the brands that sign their mobiles, only one in the case of the Apple platform and infinite options if we talk about Android.

iPhone vs. Android

Legend has it that Android users are more loyal to their brands than iPhone users

The results are a bit surprising, actually, because as reported by the GizChina colleagues, those responsible for the study they conclude that Android users are more loyal to their brands than iOS users, something diametrically opposed to the sensations of a market in which Apple seems to have the mass of loyal users not only on iPhone but in all its product ranges, called directly fanboys sometimes mocking or derogatory.

A study says that Android users have more loyalty to the brand and manufacturer of their mobile phones than iOS users, something that does not fit with the feelings of an industry where Apple undoubtedly has a critical mass and of users absolutely delivered

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In all this subject, the only thing that is really true is that both operating systems walk hand in hand, already very mature and increasingly similar in functionality, not so in certain key aspects such as a freedom in Android that is its strongest and weakest point at the same time, leaving for Apple the closed, controllable and more optimized platform.

Comparisons have been thousands in recent years, but have never made sense because comparing such disparate platforms is overly complex and absolutely biased In conclusion, or does anyone see it easy to face the Android installed by the Pioneer car radios, and the iOS of an iPad?

The opening of Android has meant that it is on practically any device from almost any manufacturer, but at the same time it has led to a brutal fragmentation that is still the biggest drag today Google’s mobile ecosystem, especially with respect to a more closed iOS where users who enter have a more complicated exit due to the lack of options.

IPhone 11 Colors

A change of trend in the industry, or just a fluke …

Thus, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partnership (CIRP) study can be used as an idea or trend of a market where Android users can choose between different manufacturers but 91% tend to be faithful when they renew their devices, by 86% of iPhone users who stay on iPhone.

It seems that Google’s good job in the usability and cleanliness of the Android interface, together with the process of thinning the various customizations and the Project Treble and Project Mainline to facilitate updates, has given in a way loyalty results to some users.

Obviously it should be noted that the survey surveyed takes into account fidelity to a specific brand and not to a platform in general, so we must admit that the data will undoubtedly conditioned by the huge market share of Android globally, 88%, the same as the statistics of the transition from iOS to Android and vice versa, where it is clear that only by raw numbers there must be more users going to the Apple system.

It seems that just like with cars, if a user uses a Xiaomi it will be more likely that they will buy another Xiaomi, although on Android there are hundreds of options from dozens of different manufacturers wanting to convince you …

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