Angry players demand freedom in their game

Things are hot in the field of mobile games, Google and Apple threw Fortnite out, a lawsuit followed and the suffering players are in a rage – but there is a plan behind this.

The players demand freedom for Fortnite. The hashtag comes from Epic Games itself. (Image: Epic Games)

Epic Games got the whole story rolling with a price reduction for V-Bucks in Fortnite and the simultaneous introduction of a new direct payment system in the apps from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The system means that 30 percent of the in-app purchases no longer go to Apple and Google. Of course, the two tech giants didn’t like that at all so first Apple and then Google threw Fortnite out of the store. Fortnite is no longer playable at Apple.

Epic Games countered a lawsuit against Apple and Google, The colleagues at GIGA Tech have more information about the war in the App Store.

The Fortnite publisher already had a suitable video ready, it is a parody of the “1984 commercial” from Apple.

But not only the video and the lawsuits already prepared show that Epic Games knew exactly what was going to happen. One was also prepared Social media campaign with the hashtag “#Freefortnite”. Currently, the losers are the players who gather around the hashtag and demand freedom for their game.

Players pick up the topic on Reddit and there are several threads that “Freefortnite” demand.

The Use of the apple in the parody as a villain stimulated the desire in some to have such a skin in order to be able to send a clear message to Apple about the game.

Epic Games has a clever plan

Although the accusation was quickly raised from many sides that Epic Games would be about money, the developer has taken precautions. First of all by the fact that V-Bucks prices are going down on all platforms. It will basically be cheaper for all players to purchase the in-game currency. Furthermore, Epic Games puts in the lawsuits no claims for damages or require some form of financial compensation. Your lawsuit is directed against “The monopoly of the stores” and “They fight for all developers and not for themselves”.

You can find the passage in the lawsuit under point 6 under “Nature of the action”.

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How these procedures will develop and what effects it will have for the players cannot yet be assessed. It is relatively certain that Epic Games was aware of the importance of the introduction of the direct payment system and both legal and social media departments were prepared for this.

If you want to play Fortnite on an Android device, there is currently still a method. It looks bad for Apple users.

Finally comes a little fun fact on the topic of Monopoly and Epic Games (no, not exclusive games), as well a little thought experiment.

Epic Games is 40 percent owned by the Chinese company Tencent. Tencent owns shares in Riot Games, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Bluehole (PUBG publisher) and Platinum Games. This is only part of the companies that are at least partially owned by Tencent, and that only from the video game industry.

Imagine Epic Games and Valve agree to offer Counter-Strike in their store, and after two years, Valve is building a payment method for in-game purchases that goes by the pockets of Epic Games.

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