Animal Crossing – New Horizons: The Best Island Flag Design IDs

Before you can use design IDs from other creators in the game, you must first have advanced in the game until you have unlocked the fashion tailor. You also need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for design codes. If you do not have this yet, we will explain to you in the linked guide how you can create one.

So you can change the flag of your island

To change your island flag, you first have to play so far until the service center is expanded and Melinda moves to your island. Once that’s done, you can sit in the right chair in front of Melinda and now you have in conversation the possibility to change your island flag.

So you can use design and creator IDs

Designs are downloaded and uploaded via the design exchange terminal at the fashion tailor. After entering the building you can see it in the back of the wall (pink screen).

Here you can now search for specific design IDs or enter a creator ID. If, for example, you particularly like several designs by one creator, you can enter his ID and look at all of his creations. Creator IDs always start with the string “MA”, while design IDs begin with “MO”.

Enter a design ID from the list below or from the following pages of this series of images to have the creation displayed. If you like them, you can save them in any place using the Save button in your Designs app. Then leave the terminal and open the designs app on your NookPhone to select the appropriate design and put it on. In the following video we show you again how you can enter and use design IDs:

Incidentally, creator and design IDs should not be confused with QR codes, which can also be used in the game.

The best design codes in New Horizons

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community has created countless designs and posted them online. If you want to browse something yourself, you will find a lot of designs on the following pages:

  • Nooks Island (design database with filter option)
  • Custom Crossing (another database with lots of uploads)
  • AC Patterns (Here you can create your own designs with an integrated editor)

On the following pages we want to show you the best creations with their IDs. Alternatively, use the following list in which we link the design codes to you:




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