Anker presents two new indoor surveillance cameras

The eufy Indoor Cam 2K offers Full HD resolution and also enables night shots. In addition to the standard model for just under 40 euros, there is also a swiveling variant. It costs 50 euros. There is a 20 percent discount on the market launch of the standard variant.

Anker presents two new indoor surveillance cameras. The Indoor Cam 2K models marketed under the subsidiary brand eufy record videos in full HD, even in the dark. The video data are either stored on a microSD card (max. 128 GB), which is not included in the scope of delivery, or in the cloud. Both cameras can identify objects and offer real-time alarms. Communication is also possible thanks to a two-way audio function.

Eufy Indoor Cam 2K (Image: Anker)Eufy Indoor Cam 2K: standard version and model with pan-tilt function (Image: Anker)

The cameras are controlled by the Eufy Security app. Individual activity zones can be defined via the app, so that not everything the camera actually sees is recorded. The scope of delivery includes a USB power supply unit, a USB charging cable, a holder, as well as fastening screws and operating instructions. The WLAN connection is made exclusively via a 2.4 GHz network.

The two eufy indoor cameras can also be used in Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Integrate Assistant. The standard model regularly costs just under 40 euros. At the market launch there is a 20 percent discount, so the device is already available for just under 32 euros.

eufy Indoorcam 2K: Features (Image: Anker).

The second model of the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K has a pan-tilt function. It supports a horizontal swivel of 360 degrees. This model can be tilted up to 100 degrees. The device also supports an 8x zoom. As soon as it detects an object, the camera lens follows it. Unlike the standard model, there is no discount at the market launch of the almost 50-euro solution.

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