Apple accused of censorship in Hong Kong: history repeats itself

Apple Store Hong Kong

Starting earlier this month, the Hong Kong government passed new legislation that reduces freedoms, a new law that gives China control of Hong Kong, and which had been the main reason for protest by the country’s citizens in recent months.

As expected, any request made by the Chinese government related to Hong Kong, is processed by Apple without asking. The last example, which only confirms how Apple bows its head at each request from China, can be found in the PopVote application.

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists created the PopVote app, an unofficial app that serves to measure the popularity of candidates who oppose China’s crackdown in the region. This application, which if available in the Play Store, has never been available in the Apple App Store.

According to the boys from Quarz, a medium that also was affected by China’s censorship Seeing how Apple removed its application from the Chinese App Store:

Although the Android app was quickly approved by the Google Play store, the iOS app was initially rejected due to various code issues. PopVote developers resubmitted the app with the necessary changes in a matter of hours, but never heard from Apple despite multiple attempts to contact the company.

The website of this platform is no longer available. Many are the technology companies, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter, that have signed that will not deliver any data from its users that is required by the Hong Kong authorities.

Apple, meanwhile, Claims He Is Assessing His Policy In Hong Kong maintaining a silence that is being heavily criticized. None of these companies, except Microsoft to a lesser extent for Windows, can be affected by threats from the Chinese government, since all of them are banned in the country.

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