Apple at Home – New advertising film from Apple about home office

Last year Apple launched a slightly longer spot. Under the title “Apple at Work”, the group showed the enterprise capabilities of its own hardware. Now there is a new edition with the same protagonists, but this time the focus is on the home office.

Without a doubt, the Corona crisis has fundamentally changed many people’s everyday work, the topic of home office was suddenly pushed completely. Even if Apple itself, or Steve Jobs according to old records, was split on the subject – even the Cupertino group has sent its employees home for some time.

The whole working-from-home thing

In the new spot, we see the so-called “underdogs” doing their daily work from home – of course (almost) exclusively with Apple hardware.

The underdogs are back and are navigating their new normal with many unknowns, but one reliable constant: Apple helps them to release their creativity and productivity even when they are working from home.

It is still a world full of deadlines, meetings, group discussions, conference calls, colleagues and bosses. But it is also a world of children, a dog and a hairless cat. And it is a world where collaboration is never neglected, regardless of whether the team uses iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook or all of these devices. Working from home (or from anywhere) is not new, but what you can accomplish together is.


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The video is inevitably reminiscent of the special episode of Mythic Quest on the subject of corona and home office – we discussed these in detail in our podcast.

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