Apple, at war against a brand that uses a pear as a logo

A recipe application and the pear of its logo, accused by the North American giant.

Apple has filed a statement of opposition with the United States Patent Office. The reason? Prepare, a recipe app, and your logo.

As the North American firm points out, the pear representing Prepear is similar to the famous bitten apple and it could cause confusion among your users.

Apple and Prepear logos

Two fruits as a logo that have a lot in common.

Minimalist apple and fruits

There are few logos as recognizable as Apple’s. Simple, flat, monochrome, but identifiable by just about anyone. It was probably not the first company to use a fruit with its leaf as its logo, but today it is difficult to attribute it to another company.

As the Californians point out in the lawsuit, the minimalist design of a fruit next to a leaf is reminiscent of your logo. As they point out, this would lead to confusion, since some people could associate Prepear with Apple.

The Applicant’s Mark consists of the minimalist fruit design with a right angle blade, easily reminiscent of the famous Apple logo and creating a similar commercial impression. Apple logos are so famous and instantly recognizable that similarities to the Applicant’s Mark will overshadow any differences and lead the common consumer to believe that the Applicant is related to, affiliated with, or endorsed by Apple.

Natalie Monson, one of the top managers of Prepear, has responded with a post on Instagram. Ensures that will uphold the integrity of your logo before what he has called “aggressive legal actions.”

I feel a moral obligation to oppose Apple’s aggressive small business legal actions and fight for the right to retain our logo.

It is too early to know how this dispute will end, but the leaders of Prepear have already started a petition on to “save the apple pear.” As I write these lines, there are 24,000 signatures.

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