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Apple buys a startup that allows you to charge with your mobile via NFC

Apple buys a startup that allows you to charge with your mobile via NFC


Apple continues its policy of buy companies and startups to incorporate their technologies into your system. This time he has stayed with a startup that can be very interesting for iPhone users. This developer has an application that allows a smartphone accept NFC contactless card charges.

So soon the first thing that occurs to me, when Apple incorporates this application to iOS, is that they can make payments directly from mobile to mobile via NFC. For the user it seems like a great idea. Goodbye to Bizum.

According to an article published in Bloomberg, Apple has just reached an agreement with the payment startup Mobeewave. This company has developed a payment system on a smartphone for a payment made from a contactless credit card or a mobile phone using NFC.

It works in the same way as any payment terminal that we usually find in stores, but only using our smartphone, without any additional device.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has found the joke difficult $ 100 million. The idea is to integrate this collection system in a future version of iOS. The system is as simple as opening the application, entering the amount of money to be charged, and waiting for the paying credit card or smartphone to approach our iPhone until they are connected via NFC. Just as we usually do in any contactless collection terminal.

With the purchase Apple has stayed with all the startup’s employees, who will continue to work as until now from their offices in Montreal. Presumably, now the team of programmers will be dedicated to adapt and enhance the system only for Apple devices, both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

I can already see the pickpockets in the subway putting your iPhones close to other people’s pockets to see if they catch something. I guess the Mobeewave team will already have it planned, and there will be some kind of confirmation from the payer….

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