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Apple confirms iPhone 12 will launch later than usual

Apple confirms iPhone 12 will launch later than usual

During the third quarter 2020 results conference, Apple confirmed that the new iPhone 12 will be released a few weeks late compared to the 2019 models.

The iPhone 12 will not be released in September, as confirmed by Luca Maestri himself during the Apple results conference. “As you know, last year we started selling our new iPhones in late September. This year we hope they will be available a few weeks later. ” If we do accounts this could mean that lThe new iPhone models would not arrive until mid-October 2020 At the earliest, maybe even in November.

It was more than expected given that the COVID-19 pandemic kept numerous factories closed for weeks in China. The most pessimistic rumors spoke of the possible delay of the iPhone 12 until 2021, so that an October or November date is even reassuring. In this sense, Qualcomm assured a few days ago that a very important 5G smartphone was going to have to be delayed, and although he did not mention any name, we all knew which one he was talking about.

Apple is expected to release a total of this year. four iPhone 12 models, all with 5G and OLED screen, with sizes of 5.4 ″, 6.1 ″ and 6.7 ″, whose main differences will be the cameras and being the Pro model (6.1 and 6.7 ″) the one that includes three lenses and a LiDAR sensor. A new design with the flat sides in the iPhone 4 style, and a notch that could be reduced according to the latest leaks would also be the main aesthetic changes. As for the accessories included in the box, the rumors assure that there will be no charger, and that the charging cable will be of the USB-C to Lightning type of braided nylon. This year it seems that we will have more time to save and be able to acquire the new iPhone 12, what will be your chosen model?

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