Apple confirms that Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud will not come to iOS

xCloud is Microsoft’s new cloud platform, which allows you to turn an Android phone into an Xbox. A great initiative, which remains on Android for now with its launch in Spain in September, as we told you yesterday. Although it is not the only cloud service that will suffer the same, because neither Google Stadia will reach the iPhone sometime soon.

Microsoft announced the arrival of xCloud in September, mentioning only Android phones. Also Google Stadia is limited only to Android phones. In neither case are iPhones mentioned. As Apple now confirms that these services cannot be distributed on iOS devices.

Neither will Google Stadia come to iPhone

google stadia from any android

According to Apple, speaking to Business Insider, the company justifies the absence of services like Google Stadia or xCloud from Microsoft. They have explained that this has to do with the way in which they distribute the content and the way it reaches users. Since the App Store is a safe place because they review each app and game that is sold in it.

By allowing services such as Google Stadia in the App Store, they do not have the possibility to control all the games and applications that users access. As these types of services offer the games to users directly, because are not stored on the iPhone or iPad, which prevents Apple from knowing what the user is consuming. So they can’t make sure that content meets their standards, but they can’t make an income for it either.

These statements are already generating controversy, for the excessive control that Apple executes, seeking to control everything that users can use, determining which applications or games their users can enjoy. It does not seem that in the near future this policy will be changed in the App Store, which prevents these services from reaching the iPhone or iPad.

Yesterday our colleague Iván commented that the future of the video game stays on Android, due to decisions like this that Apple makes. For those who want to enjoy services like Google Stadia or xCloud on their phone, it will only be possible with Android. A decision that could have important consequences for Apple in this segment.

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