Apple could have solved one of the iPhone's best-known problems

Leaked images could have revealed that Apple would have solved one of the iPhone’s best-known problems, and it has to do with its cables.

The rumors around the iPhone 12 They do not stop, and as their announcement date approaches, the leaks continue their effort to reveal as much information as possible about the terminal. If it was recently revealed that Apple’s new smartphone will not include charger or headphones in its box, now a series of images related to the new smartphone of the company of the bitten apple have appeared, revealing that Apple could have solved one of the iPhone’s best-known problems.

Specifically, these new images, collected from MacRumors, show the new Lightning to USB Type-C cable that it would come with the iPhone 12 and that it would solve the main problem of the iPhone, since currently the cables of the Cupertino company break easily. Now these pictures show that these new cables include a braided fabric design and it would be available in both white and black.

iPhone 11 Pro cameras

Back of iPhone 11 Pro.

In the images, this braided design – which would be more resistant – is well appreciated, so it seems that Apple will ignore the standard non-woven design of the current cables and that have caused so much trouble to users due to their resistance. It would be the first time that the bitten apple company launched a cable with a braided design for iPhone or iPad, although it does currently have a Thunderbolt Pro braided cable for the Mac Pro. In fact, the black cable in these new images is said to corresponds to iMac Pro, so it would be an updated version.

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IPhone 12 cable would feature a braided fabric design

The good news for users is that braided cable designs have the advantage that are more durable than standard rubberized cables. Of course, braided cables generally include additional reinforcement at the end points where the cable heads are placed, but in these images it is not appreciated. In the same way, it should be noted that these cables resemble existing Apple-designed Lightning to USB-C cables, except for the new gray and white colors.

Likewise, in 2019 Apple included a USB-C to Lightning cable with the iPhone’s Pro models along with a USB-C power adapter, while the more affordable iPhone 11 came with a USB-A to Lightning cable. Therefore, speculation suggests that these new stranded cables Could be exclusive to high-end iPhone 12 models, device that will be officially presented next September, if nothing prevents it.

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