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Image source: Jordan Singer

Apple fans have long dreamed of a touchscreen Mac. In the end, could the iPad be the key to implementation? We are getting a look at it now.

iPad Pro (2020)

To date, there is no touchscreen Mac. A conceivable replacement for this: macOS on the iPad! Sounds crazy, but basically possible in the future – if Apple wants to. The reason for this is the upcoming platform change of the Mac, because it is known that it gradually uses its own ARM instead of Intel processors from the end of the year. Henceforth, macOS runs on the same hardware platform as iPhone and iPad. As a reminder: Apple’s DTK calculator (Developer Transition Kit) for developers already houses an iPad processor, the Apple A12Z from the current Pro-Tablet.

iPad with macOS: Could look like this at Apple

So how would an iPad with a Mac system look and work in the end? The hobbyist gives us a first idea of ​​this Jordan Singer. He simply builds a simulation of macOS for the iPad with Apple’s SwiftUI. Important to say: Even if it looks like this, this is not yet macOS 11.0 Big Sur on the iPad, but only an executable imitation of it, a kind of Potemkin village. In detail, it is an iPad application with a user interface à la macOS – nothing more, nothing less.

The simulation is therefore no less exciting, but gives us an outlook on a possible future, provided Apple wants to implement it.

Imagine all of this on an iPad:

What Apple is already testing: iPhone in dual mode

Speaking of which: We recently reported on actual plans or tests by the US manufacturer. As a result, macOS is already running on the iPhone. However, not directly on the touchscreen, but as a desktop system when the iPhone is attached to an external screen. It would be Apple’s equivalent of Samsung DeX, because the Android smartphones of the Koreans already master such a hybrid operation. Whether Apple also provides macOS 1: 1 on the touchscreen of the iPad is anything but certain. So far, it is still a dream.

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