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Apple delays the arrival of the new iPhone 12

Apple delays the arrival of the new iPhone 12

Apple delays the arrival of the new iPhone 12

Apple usually chooses September as the month of the iPhone launch, as well as other products of the firm (iPads, Apple Watch, Mac …). During the last months, and with the arrival of the coronavirus in a large part of the world (especially in the United States), rumors about a possible delay in the launch of these devices have continued to appear on the network. Filters with great impact claimed that Apple would delay the arrival of the new iPhone 12 until October. The company has confirmed this.

The Cupertino firm has presented the financial results for Q3 2020 with very good data despite the coronavirus crisis. In the usual conversations with investors, Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 12 will arrive “a few weeks later than usual.” As expected, it has not given details of the release date, so “a few weeks” we could see it as 15 days late, or even 4 weeks compared to last year’s release.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro were announced on September 10, 2019. Until September 20, they could not be purchased with immediate shipping. Considering this year’s launch delay, we could see the presentation of the iPhone 12 during the first days of the month of October and the sale for sale in the middle of the same month. Although there is also the possibility that Apple will not delay the presentation, but rather the market launch of these devices. That is, the exit for sale. It is something that has already happened on some occasions. For example, with the launch of the iPhone Xr or iPhone X.

New iPhone, iPad and more

iPhone 12

If the predictions come true, during the month of October we would see up to four new models of iPhone 12. On the one hand, the most economical variants, which would come in 6.1-inch sizes (same as the iPhone 11) and a much more compact, 5.4-inch one. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro would arrive at 6.1 inches for the smallest model and 6.7 inches for the Max model.

In addition to iPhones, new arrivals are also expected. iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini. This time with minimal frames, a new design, and a better processor and display. During this KeyNote they could also announce the first Mac with an Apple Sillicon processor: Apple’s own chipsets. As well as other devices and accessories.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Apple announced some products weeks before the keynote of the iPhone. Or even months later, as happened with the AirPods Pro.

A very good fiscal third quarter for Apple

iPhone SE

In addition to confirming the delay of the iPhone 12, Apple has also announced the results of the third quarter of 2020 with a very good growth in its turnover, despite the crisis caused by the Covid-19. The firm reports 12 percent growth compared to the same period last year. Lor that translates into income of $ 59,685 million and a net profit of $ 11,253 million.

This growth has been thanks to the iPhone SE, Apple’s latest mid-range mobile. IPhones account for 45 percent of turnover. Services are also growing, with 22 percent of Apple’s revenue percentage and with more than 35 million new users in recent months. The iPad, accessories (Apple Watch, Airpods) and Mac, account for 11 and 12 percent respectively.

Another interesting detail: Apple confirmed that WWDC 2020, the developer conference, was followed by 22 million people worldwide. This conference was entirely online, and given the good results, the company is likely to maintain this format for years to come.

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