Apple does not approve updates to many Chinese apps on the App Store

Tim Cook China

Apple has frozen updates to thousands of games available on the App Store, because they have not presented the corresponding license from the country’s regulators. Last February, Apple sent an email to the developer community in this country advising them of the deadline to present this license, on June 30.

We are on July 2 and as Apple had warned the developers, all game updates that are pending approval They have been completely paralyzed until Apple receives the corresponding license.

The Chinese government established this new restriction in 2016, but it has been until a few months ago, when it began to apply it, in order to have greater control (if that were not enough) that it has over games available in your territory.

According to Tood Kuhns, Marketing Manager of the App Consulting Group in China, this move by the Chinese government It could mean stopping about $ 1 billion.

It is unclear how Apple managed to avoid enforcing the 2016 licensing rule for so long. But considering that the US-China trade war began to heat up earlier this year, it’s no wonder this decision.

The App Store is estimated to host around 60,000 gaming apps in China, free games that include in-app purchases as well as other titles that have a set price. The Chinese authorities are estimated to have issued just over 43,000 licenses in recent years since 2016, of which 1,570 were awarded last year.

China has placed great emphasis in recent years on control the type of games available in the country. In fact, until PUBG Mobile did not release a specific version for this country where the dead of the enemies are displayed differently, this title was not available in the app stores.

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