Apple Extends Repair Program Outside United States

Repair iPhone

Apple announced last year the Apple device repair program through independent stores in the United States. Since the date, it has been expanding the number of stores compatible with this service. Today, any user of an Apple product can repair their device in more than 700 stores.

That if these authorized technical centers can only repair devices when they are out of warranty. If the terminal is out of warranty, the only way to repair the device is through the Apple Store, as long as the repair is covered by the official product warranty.

These authorized workshops, use original parts provided by AppleThey receive training courses from the company, which also offers repair manuals and diagnostic tools used by technicians from official Apple stores.

In this way, not only Apple ensures that third-party repairs are carried out by qualified techniciansIn addition, it also ensures that all of them use the original components and not only compatible as has always happened.

According to Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer:

We are delighted to expand our independent repair program to more locations in the United States and to companies in Europe and Canada. When a customer needs a repair, we want them to have a range of options that not only meets their needs, but also ensures safety and quality so that their iPhone can be used for as long as possible.

Apple has had no choice but to Give your arm to cheer and authorize third-party stores to carry out repairs, due to the long periods that repairs of their devices have had in recent years, long periods caused by the high demand they have worldwide.

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